Friday, August 1, 2008


It's been about 8 months since I came in USA, and lived for good with my husband here in Fresno, CA. I would say that it's really hard to adjust with the new life, new environment and especially to get along with new people around, that includes making friends with the neighbors. I know I can do it pretty quick... That's the Pinay character as far as I know.

But I have just realized, for almost 25 years of my Husband's family living here, they hardly know anyone in our neighborhood. They're just nodding acquaintances to most, and their names are mystery. That's the difference from the Philippines, the place where I grew up, neighbors were a necessity. I remember the small town/community of Sipocot where I lived during most of my growing up years. If you want to cook langka, malunggay, sitaw (usual vegetables) but didn't have any but coconut milk, Mothers just sent one of the children to asked to harvest a few from the neighbor's trees. For our family, this happened more on the giving side rather than receiving, it's some kinda sharing, as it is common practice that the crops were not paid back, and as sign of gratitude, the mother who asked for the crops is giving back a some part of the cooked and made one just to have a taste of it. My mother, Alicia never failed to give as long as there's crops to get.

My Dad, Teodoro, had a collection of tools he bought over the years. I know he was reluctant to loan them out, but he would if a neighbor man asked. But he is not like ladies, if the item was not returned in a timely manner, he eventually would inquire if the neighbor is finished with it. In the way, he kept his prized collection intact.

Back then, a neighbor is not just someone who live next door; it's one in the community and the acres surrounding it. Everyone knew everyone. Helping hands and reaching out is always there.

As my parents say, "If there someone is in need, help him". Because for them that was simply being good neighbors.

And I am thankful that I applied what I learned from them, there's no harm in being nice to people. If they're trustworthy enough, be open for friendship because it's worth keeping for.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Big Round of Applause

A big round of applause for the June 2008 Nursing Licensure Exam Passers...
With special mention to Ms. Haide H. Regnim, a very good friend of mine.
Keep moving forward...