Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trust vs. Mistrust

Sometimes, there are things that we feel hopeless, less secured and depressed. And we usually run to our loveones and to those people we think our friends, very close to us, to ventilate and say what we feel and to find Kakampi. But sometimes it doesn't ease up rather it just worsened up.

To those people we shared and trust, sometimes are the one who'll gonna play you in the middle of their hands... They'll pretend they are concern, and will ask you about the latest... and you're there telling every single detail, but later on boom, they'll break you down into pieces and it seems being thrown by bunch of tomatoes and ending up with egg on the head without of knowing. And also, about the CONCERN, it's way different from that word as being spoken. It differ upon how you act and show how concern you are to other people. About thinking things behind your back, it's also different, even you said the very flowery words in the world, it's not the word being said but the gesture you are showing towards that certain person. We all have that intuition.

Things aren't definite, as long as you are breathing life must go on. And the lesson learned! The saying that "No man is an island", is absolutely wrong. We can still reach the top without relying to anyone. It's not that being boastful, but just for a little benefit for the word PRIDE. Sometimes giving up, doesn't mean you're weak and don't know the meaning of SAKRIPISYO. But it's not. It's just showing you have your mind, who can decide and willing to move on...

Just to sum it all, be cautious, be careful... Sometimes we better keep our mouth shut than opening things that some other people wouldn't perceive things right the way you are expecting them to be and who couldn't understand the message you are imparting.