Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CNA Training Program

Yahoo, I made it!
Later this afternoon, I received a good news. The Organizer/Instructor of the CNA training program called me and informed me that I passed the initial screening to be a recipient of their program.

It is aided by Horizon Health and Subacute Center here in Fresno. It is a nursing home that is taking care of Old folks all over Fresno. It is also a training facility for LVN's & CNA's. And FYI, the CNA training program is free. That's why I grabbed it because it's a good opportunity

I know you guys may wonder why I joined this program to the fact that I am a BSN graduate already. The reason is because I am not yet license to practice here in United States of America, and I don't have Interim Permit (it is a permit to work while awaiting the results of the NCLEX examination) yet. So for the mean time I want to utilize my capabilities and skills. Know the things what CNA can do, so in time that I become a BSN RN, I will be a much better professional nurse, leader, co-worker and caregiver.

We should start from the bottom to reach the top. We should feel the hardship to be satisfied. That's my outlook in life, soon my career will start rolling, and the result, Be the best NURSE and PERSON that I can be.

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xiav said...

i was wondering how'd you get into their cna program??? were there specific dates? or phone numbers to call? i want to go into their cna program at horizon too, but i don't know how to register/whatsoever for it... help?