Monday, July 14, 2008

Driving Lesson

It was less than a week ago since I got my temporary driver's license. And I am happy to have that priviledge. But I know it wouldn't be the end of it, because I still need to have the behind the wheel exam which will happen once I get myself ready. But when it will be???

At around 6:55 pm today, the lesson started and my husband is my Instructor. That was the very first time I seat in a car and drive it by myself. At first I felt so nervous, but I know it wont help me at all. I got to be focused, strong and motivated to learn.

Sometimes I overlooked things to be hard to get. But not all, like driving, just work hard for it, and you'll get it... So in less than two hours, by knowing about the basics I was able to drive around the blocks.

Here's some pointers that my Best Instructor (my husband) thought me:

  1. Review the controls and features of the car such as dashboard controls, steering wheel and seat adjustment, mirror adjustment, turn signals, head lights, wipers, emergency lights, parking brake/release, safety features like air bags and seat belts, starting/turning off the engine, gas, breaks, warning indicator lights on dashboard (such as low fuel, oil, temperature indicator.)

  2. Practice applying gas and brakes, turning, and backing up.

  3. He reminds me to pay attention to my surroundings - Be focus by looking ahead and to the sides, check mirrors, scan continuously for hazards, keep a clear "safety space" or "safety bubble" around the car to provide room to react to hazards. The further the car "hangs back" from the vehicle in front, the greater visibility and reaction time achieved.

  4. Always think you’re not on the road alone. You’re not traveling by yourself. There are many other drivers and passengers to consider. It’s a privilege to be among them.

There, that's my today's lesson learned. And I hope real soon I'll be driving my own car confidently, cautiously. And just by now I love being able to drive.

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faye said...

good for you to do that!
we need it,kahit medyo mahal ang driving lesson go go go.