Thursday, July 17, 2008

Matter of Choice

Life is a matter of choice. It's how you live with it and flourish it. Just like of choosing who you would want to be with, the love of your life, friends who'd you want to get along, the career you want to pursue and many other more.

Feelings and critical thinking are always the spice of it. Sometimes you have to follow your heart first before your mind, and vice versa. As long as you don't decide with blithe ignorance of the urgency of the situation then go for it. You, me, all of us needs to balance every decision we make and be happy for the outcomes with no regrets.

If a certain individual can't do things on his own, reach out and ask for help (no man is an island anyway). If you don't have friends, try to find one, just be true to yourself and set the proper limits and that's it. Try to share love, affection, happiness, sadness, craziness. Try to live with challenges. Never be afraid of trying those things because it's all the formula to grow as a strong person. So in later years you wont say "Oh, if only I could turn back time, I wish I do this and that!!!" SEE, all of "IF" questions are possible to stand out...

We are free to choose the right decisions, the attitudes in any given situation, the solutions to every problems. Just learn how to use it properly most in the negative situation there is. Just be the master of yourself for life is really a matter of choices!

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faye said...

I see myself for what written here,
thanks for sharing this tru ur blog.