Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie Marathon

My watch says Saturday 2:55 am.

Me and my husband just came home from a long way trip just to watch movies. It's in Madera Movie Theatre, about 20 miles away from our house. On our way home my eyes are drooping, and falling flat on my face from some mild form of fatigue but that would be the most logical thing to do, to sleep. But, at that point, I couldn't able to sleep because I'm thinking of my husband who is driving, he needs a noisy mouth so he wouldn't fall asleep while driving, I know he also feel the way I feel, tiredness.

But, whoa!!! We really enjoyed our time together. That movie theatre is way different from any other theatre. Because that place is an open field and allows you to bring your car and let you do anything you want. In our case, we brought our portable chair, our ice chest-cooler filled of soda and water, and snacks (chips and popcorn).

The movie started around 9:00 pm, after the sundown (usually 8:00 to 9:00 pm sun is still up here). So that's why it took a long wait for the first movie to start. And speaking about the first movie. It is Hellboy II: The Golden Army starred by Ron Perlman. It is a comic-fantasy movie wherein it focused about the red, horned, tailed and roughest superhero called Red (hellboy) and his adventure. On how he save the humankind from the mythical creatures headed by Prince Nuada, his adventures and his love story. By the end of the movie, his love story has been highlighted, being a a husband and future father of the on the way twins. So most probably that would be included in the next series. Hellboy III...

The second movie is HANCOCK!!! It is starred by Will Smith, Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron. John Hancock (Will Smith) is an alcoholic man with superhuman powers, including supersonic flight, invulnerability, and super-strength. He uses his powers to stop criminals in his residence LA, but though his activity inadvertently causes millions of dollars in property damage due to his constant intoxication. As a result, he is routinely jeered at the crime scenes. Hancock also ignores court subpoenas from the city of Los Angeles to address the property damage he has caused. But everything has changed when he met Ray (Jason Bateman). He helped Hancock to change his outlook in life and use his power to help other people and fight crimes. And there he is, the superhero, but as any other hero, he also have weakness. It's being close to a person who got exactly the same power like him and it's his ex wife (Mary) Charlize Theron. Who is the current wife of Ray. But everything was the rest of the story that need to be watch for you to have better understanding and enjoyment of the movie. There's twists and turns in the story. But generally, it is one of the best movie I'd ever seen.

The long trip is really worth it. So for those who are movie fanatics, who would want some different kind of setting, try Madera Movie Theatre, it may be too far, but it's worth enjoyment.

Okay, it's time to sleep, goodnight guys! hmm, I mean good morning... Till next time.

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Filthy room said...

whoa! one of the best things id love to marathon!a mushy quality time with ur hubby,wahehehehe....